Employee of the Year Awards

Western Region Jail Association Awards

Welcome to the Western Region Jail Association Awards page! Here we celebrate the outstanding contributions of civilian employees, officers, and supervisors who go above and beyond in their roles within our member agencies.

Civilian Employee of the Year

Our Civilian Employee of the Year award recognizes the exceptional work and dedication of non-uniformed staff within the Western Region Jail Association. These individuals play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our facilities and the welfare of those within them. From administrative support to maintenance, their efforts contribute significantly to the success of our organizations.

Officer of the Year

The Officer of the Year award honors the exemplary service and commitment of our uniformed officers. These individuals demonstrate outstanding professionalism, integrity, and dedication to the safety and well-being of both their colleagues and the incarcerated population. Their tireless efforts contribute to maintaining a secure and orderly environment within our facilities.

Supervisor of the Year

Supervisors play a crucial role in leading and guiding their teams to success. The Supervisor of the Year award recognizes those who demonstrate exceptional leadership, mentorship, and dedication to their staff and the mission of the Western Region Jail Association. These individuals inspire others through their actions and commitment to excellence.

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Committee Members:


Rebecca Baird, Southwestern Virginia Regional Jail


Nominations for the Civilian Employee of the Year, Officer of the Year, and Supervisor of the Year awards are now open. If you know someone who deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions, we encourage you to submit a nomination by August 2, 2024. For nomination form click WRJA Awards Nomination Form, or for nomination forms and more information, please contact rbaird@swvrja.com.

Winners will be announced and celebrated at the Western Region Jail Association Annual Conference, held in September 2024. Join us in honoring those who truly make a difference in our association!


Deadline for nominations: August 2, 2024

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